Fast is Faster

We were given still images of athletes and tasked to communicate speed.

Nike Golf 360

Go from Quadruple Bogey to Eagle in weeks. Okay, so we got carried away.

Nike Clutch the Truck

What do you get when you cross a SWAT van with a Zamboni?


Jordan’s most customizable shoe ever gets the freshest site navigation ever.


Chris Paul reveals insightful secrets about his game in this artful interaction.

Melo M8

Take a baller known for explosive play, and unleash him on your neighbourhood.


A modern interpretation of Kinetic Typography that uses click & drag interactivity to bring the story of the BCT Low to life.

Evolution ‘85

An interactive time-line that demonstrates how the original design of the Air Jordan 1 has evolved throughout the years.


When you feel the need for speed, step into Chris Paul’s new shoes for a simulation like no other.

Ball Talk

The Melo M7 takes abuse on the court like no other shoe. And Carmelo Anthony endures a little abuse of his own on this interactive talk show.